Emma Emerio


Age: 20s

Hair: Long blonde

Eyes: Green-blue

Height: 177 cm or 5'10"

Interests: Literature, art, photography, yoga

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Until further notice.

I’m so happy that you’ve stumbled upon me.

II am - just like you I suspect - someone who longs for adventure, connection, and above all, excitement. I have always been drawn towards the unexplored, the unconventional, the journey off the beaten path.

I was born in Stockholm, Sweden where I grew up attending a top private school while dreaming of seeing more of the world. At heart, I have always been extremely curious: my interests span from everything from philosophy to fishing (and you should see how cute I look in my fishing boots!).

That curious nature inspired me to study at art school, where I immersed myself in fine painting and photography; to Japan where I studied for nearly two years; a nomadic six months where I travelled throughout countless breathtaking sceneries across the planet; and finally to London, where I am currently a student at one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Although my roots are Swedish, my tongue is Nabokov-like in proficiency - people always mistake me for being North American or Canadian. My fascination with languages, spontaneity, and naturally warm personality makes me perfect as your cuddle partner in bed, and your fellow companion exploring whatever city we might find ourselves in.

At 5'10", I have a modelesque body, with long legs, the tiniest of waists, and a wide smile that is almost always on the brink of laughter or a silly joke.

My close friends consider me to be brave, witty, and empathetic, just as much as I am adorably charming - in short, I'm a really good time.

I can't wait to meet you,



Cute as a button and as charming as a dream, this is me at my sweetest self.

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Please get in touch for considerations in GBP or other currencies should I be on tour.
Interested in having another person join us? I feel oh-so lucky to count these as my utterly gorgeous friends.

2018, Emma Emerio