Emma Emerio


Age: Early 20's

Hair: Long, flowing and wine-red

Eyes: Large and turqoise-green, framed by dark eyelashes

Height: 177 cm or 5'10"

Interests: Literature, gastronomy, art, photography, yoga


Until February 8

I’m so happy that you’ve stumbled upon me.

My name is Emma: an independent Swedish companion with an unparallelled travel lust, accompanied by a disarmingly charming smile and wit.

I grew up in the quaint city of Stockholm, and although the winters were dark and cold, I loved the changing of the seasons just as much as I loved the summers by the ocean. After finishing art school, I was in search of something altogether different and promptly decided to move to a land completely unlike my own: Japan. I've never been someone who is hesistant to new experiences, and I embraced my almost one and a half year in this new, foreign land that quickly became my home. With a new language under my belt - a total of four as of now, by the way - I have since travelled all over the world, before I finally decided to pursue my university studies and settle down here in London.

A high-spirited, playful vixen with a serious fascination for the human mind, I am unabashedly passionate about what I consider as my calling, and have a keen interest in those I spend my time with. The most ecstatic experiences of my life have sprung from true connection and chemistry, and to share all of myself with someone who is willing to give back just as much excites me beyond anything else. In my travels, just as much as when I was growing up in Stockholm, people of all different backgrounds have always interested me. I have a need for connection, accompanied by a warm, loving, and accepting personality - if you feel yourself in need of an empathetic person who will listen and make you feel cherished and valued, then rest assured that you can do so with me.

With full lips that are never far away from laughter or a witty remark, and turqoise blue-green eyes framed by long eyelashes you will find yourself entranced by a young woman well beyond her years. As a lover of literature, the arts, as well as an enthusiastic hedonist, I am in constant pursuit of new challenges and adventures. If you long for a connection in both mind and spirit, then I am happy that you have found me - all that is missing is you.

I am looking forward to meeting you,

My Services


Cute as a button and as charming as a dream, this is me at my sweetest self.

1 hour $1200
2 hours $1600
3 hours $2000
4 hours $2500
6 hours $4000
8 hours $5000
12 hours $6000
24 hours $7000
48 hours $10,000


If you'd like to fully indulge yourself and prefer a raw, sensual, and naughty encounter, you will find me to be most enthusiastic.

1 hour $1400
2 hours $1800
3 hours $2500
4 hours $3000
6 hours $5000
8 hours $6000
12 hours $7000
24 hours $8000
48 hours $11,000


While I'm your sweetheart in public, I will hold absolutely nothing back in private. If you desire a luxurious custom-tailored experience, this is undoubtedly your cup of tea.

1 hour $1800
2 hours $2200
3 hours $3000
4 hours $4000
6 hours $6000
8 hours $7000
12 hours $9000
24 hours $10,000
48 hours $13,000