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If you lack references, I offer employment verification, which you may send to emma.emerio@protonmail.com. Please include photos of two government-issued IDs (e.g. driver's license AND passport), as well as a link to your company website and LinkedIn profile. If you are a high-profile person, screening can be sent via mail to a discreet PO Box in London, England. Rest assured that screening information will be promptly destroyed after verifying it. Thank you so much for understanding and respecting my need for safety!

I highly recommend you use protonmail when corresponding with me. This allows for end-to-end encryption and offers complete data privacy that is vastly superior compared to e.g. gmail.

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Feeling curious? Perhaps you would like to enquire about some particulars before making a commitment? If so, feel free send me your thoughts through here.


Please tell me about yourself, what you do, and what ideas you might have for our date. There is nothing more exhilirating than waking up to find a thought-provoking and literate email from someone who knows their way with words - I am so looking forward to hearing from you!