Emma Emerio


Do you meet those new to the world of companionship?

I completely understand being nervous about reaching out to someone for the first time - believe me, I also get butterflies! I have a certain knack for making others feel relaxed and am genuinely curious about people, so just remember to treat it as a normal date and that we’ll both be just as nervous and excited about meeting each other.

How can I get to know you prior to our date?

Feel free to have a look at my Twitter and Instagram where I post semi-regularly. If we are meeting for a longer engagement and for the first time, a short phone call is always encouraged.

What will you be wearing when we meet?

I will always be suitably dressed for the occasion, be it a beautiful dress with elegant heels, or a white t-shirt and designer jeans adorning my long legs. I turn heads, but never the wrong kind - if you'd like me to, I can arrive in tailored business attire on request.

Do you have a friend who can join us?

Of course! I feel utterly fortunate to have such gorgeous friends.

Do you see couples?

Absolutely! I prefer being in contact with both parties to make sure we have the best experience possible. For considerations, please add 50% on top of my original donation.

Do you have any reviews?

Yes, I do - please see the link below for reference. Happy reading!

The Erotic Review: My profile

How do you feel about reviews?

My reviews have so far been gracious and tasteful, and I would like to keep it that way. While I don't actively discourage reviews, it is paramount to me that they are discreet and do not disclose any personal information about our encounter. If you would like to write one, I would appreciate if you would enquire with me first.

I would like to take you out for dinner: what cuisine do you prefer?

I have a penchant for rural French, Japanese as well as Italian - but if I'm being perfectly honest, I just love food in general. As for spirits, I adore wine (Château Talbot in particular) or a refreshing cup of sake. An egg-white whiskey sour done right is also a favourite!

Why haven't you replied to my appointment request or question?

Being a full time student, school keeps me busy and travels often takes me away. If I haven't replied within a few days, you might have mistyped your email address. If you believe that might be the case, by all means resend it.

I am wary about my privacy. Do I need to fill out all the required information?

I completely understand the need for privacy, which is why I am an independent and have a highly discreet assistant bound by a non-disclosure agreement: screening information is promptly destroyed after verifying it, and I will never discuss the details of our encounter with anyone. Although screening can seem daunting, I am happy to guide you through the process. For those wanting to use protonmail rather than gmail, please send an email to emma.emerio@protonmail.com and notify me that you have done so through the contact form on this website.

On a case-by-case basis, I may agree to sign a non-disclosure agreement. If you are a high-profile person, screening can be sent via mail to a PO Box in London, England.

What if I want to extend our date?

If you wish to extend our time together, please make sure to ask and have the appropriate consideration with you. Keep in mind that I might have other commitments however, and extending might not always be possible.

What happens if I need to cancel?

Cancellations made same-day or 24 hours prior to the start of the date (48 hours if I'm on tour) will incur 100% or the original donation. Cancellations made before that will require a 50% deposit before making another appointment in the future; no-shows will not be able to reschedule.

Are you open to traveling?

Absolutely! I have a natural wanderlust and travel several times a year. My touring schedule can be found on this website, but if you are the kind of gentleman who would like to have me all for yourself on a business trip or otherwise, please get in touch.

Do you accept credit cards/bitcoin/paypal/bank transfers?

Yes, I do. Electronical payments can be made to a discreet business account not associated with this website or name; a 3.4% surcharge will be added for PayPal. Depending on the duration of our date and other circumstances, I do accept BTC and BHC.

How do you feel regarding long term arrangements?

All arrangements have a minimum commitment-time of 3 months; exclusive arrangements are available on request. If we have seen each other for quite some time and you are intrigued by this idea, please get in touch.