Emma Emerio


Do you meet first timers?

Regardless if you have met other providers before I would absolutely love to meet you, given that you're a suitable gentleman or lady. I have a relaxed personality and a lot of experience seeing those new to the world of companionship. Most importantly, treat it as you would a first date and remember that we will both be just as excited and nervous about meeting each other.

How can I get to know you prior to our date?

If you've come this far, I am sure you're already aware of my presence on both Twitter and Instagram where I am fairly active. I've tried to embody as much of my personality in my Introduction, but you can also discern my interests and several charities that are close to my heart under Gifts. For longer engagements, a shorter phone call is always encouraged.

What will you be wearing when we meet?

I will always be suitably dressed for the occasion, be it an exclusive cocktail dress with elegant heels, or a white t-shirt and designer jeans adorning my long legs. I will turn heads, but never the wrong kind. To get a better idea of what I might be wearing for you, my favourite brands are listed under Gifts.

Do you see couples?

I adore the dynamic a ménage à trois can bring, granted that the couple in question have a committed relationship. I prefer being in contact with both parties to make sure we have the best experience possible. For considerations, please get in touch.

Do you have any reviews?

Yes, I do - please see the links below for reference. Happy reading!

The Erotic Review: My profile
Tokyo Adult Guide: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5

How do you feel about reviews?

My reviews on TokyoAdultGuide and TheEroticReview have so far been gracious and tasteful, and I would like to keep it that way. While I don't actively discourage reviews, it is paramount to me that they are discreet and do not disclose any personal information about our encounter. If you would like to write one, I would appreciate if you would enquire with me first.

I would like to take you out for dinner: what cuisine do you prefer?

I have a penchant for rural French, Japanese as well as home cooked Swedish food. Being naturally curious, I love to try out new tastes however, so please don't hesitate if you would like to take me someplace which doesn't necessarily fit my stated preferences. As for spirits, I adore a smooth Merlot or a refreshing cup of sake. An egg-white whiskey sour done right is also a favourite!

Why haven't you replied to my appointment request or question?

Being a full time student, school keeps me busy and travels often takes me away. If I haven't replied within a few days, you might have mistyped your email address. If you believe that might be the case, by all means resend it.

I am wary about my privacy: do I need to fill out all the required information?

I completely understand the need for privacy, which is why I am an independent: no one else but me reads my emails and manages my social media accounts, and I never discuss particulars with anyone. I will always be considerate of your privacy and anything that happens between us will be confidential.

What if I want to extend our date?

If you wish to extend our time together, be sure to ask and have the appropriate considerations with you. Keep in mind that I might have other commitments however, and extending might not always be possible.

What happens if I need to cancel?

Same-day cancellations will require a deposit before requesting another appointment; no shows will not be able to reschedule.

Are you open to traveling?

Absolutely! I have a natural wanderlust and travel several times a year. My touring schedule can be found here, but If you are the kind of gentleman who would like to have me all for yourself on a business trip or otherwise, please see my Services for details.

How do you feel regarding long term arrangements?

It would have to be someone very special and dear to me; I am not against the idea in itself, but it is a matter of me being true to myself and the other person in question. If we have seen each other for quite some time and you are intrigued by this idea, please get in touch.