Emma Emerio


Age: Early 20's

Hair: Long, flowing and wine-red

Eyes: Large and turqoise-green, framed by dark eyelashes

Height: 177 cm or 5'10"

Interests: Literature, gastronomy, art, photography, yoga


Until August 28

I’m so happy that you’ve stumbled upon me.

I am - just like you I suspect - someone who longs for adventure, connection, and above all, excitement. I am intimately familiar with that emotion; I feel it all the time. I yearn to be touched, appreciated, and most of all, for someone to share wild stories with. I have always been drawn towards the unexplored, the unconventional, the journey off the beaten path.

I was born in Stockholm, Sweden where I grew up surrounded by the beautiful blue sea, and city that simply breathes history. At heart, I have always been innately curious: my interests span from everything from philosophy to fishing (you should see how cute I look in my fishing boots!).

That curious nature inspired me to study at art school, where I immersed myself in fine painting and photography; to Japan where I studied for nearly two years; a nomadic six months where I travelled throughout countless breathtaking sceneries across the planet; and finally to London, where I am currently a student at one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Although my roots are Swedish, my tongue is Nabokov-like in proficiency - people always mistake me for being North American or Canadian. My fascination with languages, spontaneity, and naturally warm predisposition allows me to seamlessly acclimatize from exploring the neon-lit streets of Hong Kong to enjoying our morning coffee in bed.

At 5'10", I have a modelesque body, with long legs, the tiniest of waists, and the most inviting of smiles. My rosy come-hither lips are always at the brink of laughter or a silly joke.

My close friends consider me to be brave, witty, and empathetic, just as much as I am adorably charming - in short, I'm a really good time.

I can't wait to meet you,

My Services


Cute as a button and as charming as a dream, this is me at my sweetest self.

1 hour $1500
2 hours $2000
3 hours $2700
4 hours $3200
6 hours $4500
12 hours $6500
24 hours $8000


If you'd like to fully indulge yourself and prefer a raw, sensual, and naughty encounter, you will find me to be most enthusiastic.

1 hour $1800
2 hours $2200
3 hours $3000
4 hours $4000
6 hours $6000
12 hours $9000
24 hours $10,000


While I'm your sweetheart in public, I will hold absolutely nothing back in private. If you desire a luxurious custom-tailored experience, this is undoubtedly your cup of tea.

1 hour $2000
2 hours $2500
3 hours $3500
4 hours $4500
6 hours $6500
12 hours $9500
24 hours $12,000