Emma Emerio


While gifts are always greatly appreciated, the knowledge of helping someone else is much greater. Here are a few organizations I donate to and whole-heartedly endorse.

Médecins Sans

Doctors, nurses, engineers and logistical experts providing medical aid in war-torn regions as well as developing countries. Having first hand heard the tragic accounts from relatives volunteering for MSF, they are an organization very close to my heart.


Kiva is a micro finance system meant to empower people who want to start their own business, but lack the funds to do so. You are able to choose which person you would like to lend money to, and once it's paid back, re-use it to help someone else.

Kvinna till Kvinna

Kvinna till Kvinna is a Swedish organization, and literally translates as 'Woman to Woman' . They work in conflict regions where they promote women’s health, to provide information and education about women's human rights, and to prevent human trafficking and violence against women.


DeliveryCode is a completely anonymous way for you to really get on my good side: your information is kept entirely confidential, and you can choose whether to send me a voucher or item from my wishlist. Great, isn't it? All gifts are anonymous unless you send me a message with your email, so make sure you don't forget to write to me if you have sent me a gift - I would love to send you a personalized thank-you message!

Amazon Wishlist

If you would like to send me a little something from Amazon or Net-a-Porter, I will only ever be able to see your email address and message (if you wish to include one).

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Nibbles & Treats

If you'd really like to see me squealing with delight, chocolates or macarons from Jean-Paul Hévin never fails to make an impression. Other treats I absolutely adore are a good bottle of Château Talbot, Sauternes, Perrier-Jouët Champagne, bourbon and unfiltered sake.

You favourite book on any topic (including but not limited to) psychology, philosophy, poetry, art, and fiction is always immensely appreciated as well.